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2nd Edition of Ayushman Bharat Conclave is an endeavor to bring together Center & States Government, Public Health Institutions & officials, significant stakeholders directly & indirectly related to the Ayushman Bharat Scheme (PM-JAY), government & private hospitals, investment agencies, digital, new technology, IT & innovative solutions providers & experts to deliberate on handling immediate challenges, startups aligned with Ayushman Bharat Scheme and its pan India infrastructure, organizations understanding the critical issues faced by the public in availing the PM-JAY. This interactive platform will also offer a lucrative business networking opportunity to the service providers and product manufacturers.


0830 hrs – 0930 hrs


0930hrs – 1015hrs

Making of Ayushman Bharat 2.0

Opening session would showcase the collective approach of the Government to manage challenges & deliver strategic solutions in terms of preventive measures and proactive contribution of the participating States Government, Hospitals, Private organization, Corporate, Digital Solutions and Technology Providers in achieving healthcare and wellness for 40% population of India towards mighty Ayushman Bharat Scheme. Further, paving the way for the robust growth of 2.0 mission to continue our successful journey towards Universal Healthcare and beyond – from Cure to Care.

1015 hrs – 1030 hrs

Networking Break

1030 hrs – 1115 hrs (Panel Discussion)

Healthcare1.0 Challenges and Innovative Healthcare Delivery Mechanism 

One to one with leading Government & Private Hospitals to deliberate on the challenges faced during Ayushman Bharat Scheme (PM-JAY) implementation with State insurance agency, and the costs involved in the healthcare delivery and understand the impact at different strata, critical issues related to Package Prices, tackling pain points, Data Management challenges and seamless efforts in assuring quality services to end users. And, get an insight on the current scenario of approximately 8000 operational Health & Wellness Centers and future plans of remaining numbers. Further, this session will have presentation opportunity to showcase innovative projects & ideas which can contribute and play the key roles in delivering effective, quality & robust healthcare infrastructure with a strong reach covering States, Regions, Districts, Tier 2 & 3 levels cities and rural areas of India.

1115hrs – 1215hrs (Panel Discussion)

Digital Solutions, Innovation and IT EcoSystem Beyond 2.0 

Presentation format from Digital & Innovative Solution providers, and IT infrastructure companies.

This session will offer opportunity to the organizations and companies directly or indirectly complimenting and contributing in terms of providing digital, IT & innovative solutions covering Data Processing, Analytics, Resources, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning in line with Ayushman Bharat Scheme and overall IT solutions to overcome the initial challenges in creating a fully integrated platform to minimize manual intervention, bringing higher efficiency, effectiveness, accuracy and faster penetration in quality care throughout the country.

1215 hrs – 1300 hrs

Networking Luncheon

1300hrs – 1400hrs (Panel Discussion)

Effective & Strategic Communication for Mass Penetration 

Information, Education & Communication plays a crucial role in creating a sizable impact among beneficiaries, consumer and target audience. Ayushman Bharat Scheme (PM-JAY) being the largest Government funded Universal Healthcare Scheme in the world launched for the 40% underprivileged population of India and it had its own challenges at different levels.

Invited think tank from the leading media houses, heads of corporate communication and marketing gurus will share their thoughts, ideas and strategic communication roadmap which can create a significant difference in making further communication easy, meaningful and bring a definite social change among Rural, Urban and Ruban target audience for such massive flagship program.

1400 hrs – 1445 hrs

Emerging Technology, Investment Opportunity and Future of Healthcare

Technology in healthcare sector is extremely dynamic. It has changed the course of global healthcare industry in a big positive way. This session is planned to have brief pitch and presentation from new technology & solutions providers, healthcare startups for a sustainable, affordable and futuristic healthcare ecosystem. The session will have one to one interaction with funding organizations for investment opportunities aligned with Ayushman Bharat Scheme and overall healthcare mechanism to deliver quality & affordable healthcare in India,

1445 hrs – 1530 hrs

Open Session/Q&A with Hospitals, Government And Service Providers in Making of a truly Aushman Bharat

1530hrs onwards

Closing Remarks followed by Hi-Tea

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